Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Epoxy Floors for Salem Oregon Trailers & Garages

Garage Floor Resurfacing and Coatings

Fast Finish is the expert when it comes to a great floor coatings. but what most Oregon residents don't know is that they are great at trailer floors with the same material that the garage floors utilize. These tough polyaspartic coatings have come on the seen and have evolved into literally the toughest chemical resistant coatings available. They can repel most chemicals and organic compounds. This makes it ideal for floors that see a lot of abuse. The advantages of the  Polyaspartic coatings are UV and light stability and will not yellow. 

Here the fast finish team puts down a base for coating made out of a Hybrid- Polymer cement that will be both flexible and retain up to 7000 psi strength.  
Then a two part epoxy is rolled on and while wet we broadcast a colored chip flake mixture for a nice slip resistant surface. Then after scraping off the excess flakes a polyapartic coating is applied for that shiny hardcore finish. If you want a finish that lasts Fast Finish has the answer for Salem Oregon residents.

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