Monday, July 29, 2013

Deck Restoration in Salem Oregon

The time is short to restore decks in the Pacific North West. Cleaning them is also quite a chore to be done correctly. If you have a cedar deck like most homes do in the area then you are set up with another challenge of choosing the right stain. Most home owners get the most expensive stain they can find in the local box stores. We have found that those are the stains and sealers we have to strip and repair the most. Acrylics offer a great ((now)) look, but the home owner is left with a deck a season or so later that has a flaky peeling sunburned deck in an area that does not receive a large amount of sunshine. Fast Finish restores decks back to a like new look, by stripping that old sealer off and then rinsing it with a neutralizing agent that prepares the wood for a natural oil finish that ages correctly and protects against those damaging UV rays that turn the wood grey.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Splash & Dash Cleaning Companies

Seniors are the most target group for scamming. Why? Because they are the most trusting of all the age groups. They grew up in an era where a handshake and somebody's word actually meant something. 
Fast Finish has come to cherish and rely on its senior business in the greater Salem Oregon areas. We are referred by seniors who have had the chance to use our services. They know the value of finding a company that can be trusted to do a great job for them. We are considered to be a word of mouth company mostly. So we employ a review system that every customer has access to. It is imperative for us to do the best job possible so so we can retain a customer and hopefully capture a new one in the process through referral. 
All that to say this-  we clean and restore most floor surfaces to a better than new finish. Here are some of the surfaces we work on- concrete, tile, natural stone , brick, carpet, travertine, slate and more..,
Take a look at our web site, read our reviews and decide if Fast Finish cleaning is the best company for you.