Sunday, August 11, 2013

Decorative concrete designs made easy by Fast Finish in Salem Oregon

Have you thought about a new look to that old patch of concrete at your homestead? Fast Finish may have just what you need to cover that old, cracked, or unsightly area of cement around the yard. We are official Elete Crete decorative concrete specialist for the greater Salem Oregon area. We can even do indoor areas in beautiful concrete overlays. Bathroom floors, basements, bedrooms, and even travel trailer floors. Our light weight polymers blended with proprietary concrete mixes allow us to do overlays only 1/4 inch thick and attain an excess of 7000 psi, making it stronger and more flexible than any other finish on the market. Commercial concrete averages only 4000 psi and residential only 3000 psi in comparison making our decorative overlays a great choice for heavy traffic areas, or areas you just want to last and look good doing it...when you want the best and live close to Salem Oregon then consider a Fast Finish designed overlay.