Saturday, September 28, 2013

End of season cleaning

The last three months of the year can be a challenge for most cleaning companies.   The weather plays a big impact on their ability to provide cleaning services for a lot of residential customers. The companies that are one dimensional in their approach to cleaning can suffer huge setbacks in the late fall and winter months. A lot of companies, if they did well during the premium months will focus on their marketing and web sites for the upcoming year. Other more established companies might be diversified enough with commercial business to make it through the holidays and weather seasons. 
Oregon residents withdraw a bit during the holidays in regards to cleaning. There are less home sales, and traffic in and out if the home and even less around the wet landscapes outside the home. Other than raking leaves and trimming some of the overgrowth, outdoor activities around the yard come to a standstill. The deck and patio cleaning goes away until the spring sun returns. Even exterior house and roof washing will get overlooked once the weather moves in. For years I approached my maintenance the same way, wait for good weather to get it done.
Some of the best cleaning times, especially for driveways, walkways, patios, siding and roofs is during the wet season. 
Moss is a friend to the wet season as most Oregonians know from experience.
But what most residents don't know is that it slowly destroys and breaks down the surfaces to which it clings.
Removing the moss and molds during the wet season is a great idea. Finding a cleaning company that works in the weather is awesome. The product that is typically used in conjunction with removal  needs and likes a wet surface. It actually works better with a wet surface and some dwell time. This insures a much deeper clean. It also requires less pressure in the case of cement and aggregate drives and walkways. Less pressure is always better so as not to damage the surface. 
Also less pressure is important when siding or roofing is bring cleaned. Less experienced companies can take years of life off the hood and siding by using a pressure only method of cleaning.
Fast Finish Surface Restorations utilizes the perfect system for cleaning any surface. 1)Heat 2) Cleaning agent 3) pressure.
Usually a pie chart represents 1/3 of each    
Ingredient pretty well. Knowing when to use less of one ingredient and more of another is an art form. Then add that the proper cleaning agent is crucial in getting the desired finish.  This is where Fast Finish seperates from the rest of the heard. Knowing chemical properties for cleaning and the raw chemicals that are needed for specific surfaces sets them apart from all other Salem Oregon cleaners.  Add in the knowledge and ability to clean during the fall and winter months makes them the perfect choice for any cleaning project.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

MOLD! How do I get rid of this mold in Salem Oregon

  • Gloeocapsa magma
  • Gloeocapsa magma is a species of cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are an ancient line of photosynthesizing bacteria, which photolyze water generating oxygen gas. Ancient cyanobacteria were ancestral to the chloroplasts of all plants on earth. Wikipedia
    Scientific nameGloeocapsa magma

    Algae, molds, mildews, bacteria,and mosses directly decompose and break down roofing materials. 
    Every roof in Oregon has it and it shortens the life of every roof in the Salem Oregon, Dallas Oregon, Independence Oregon, Monmouth Oregon, Keizer Oregon areas. Left untreated and you could spend thousands in roof repairs or replacement.
    Not only roofs but decks, fences and siding are home to the bacteria and damage that can become permanent is just around the corner if left untreated.