Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Several Salem Oregon residents that have had Fast Finish clean their tile and grout, have found that their investment looks better than they expected. The reason for this is the amount of time that passed since either being professionally cleaned or installed. Dirt and grime slowly accumulate into the grout lines changing their color and appearance unexpectedly. 
When Fast Finish puts their patent system to work, it sanitizes and lifts the emulsified dirt and grease particles. The pressurized hot steam rinse is vacuumed up at high speed leaving no trace if dirt and bacteria. The result automatically leaves a fresh smell and appearance from the lack of bacteria that once resided in the surface pores.
Flushing out the grout lines leaves the pores open so it is advised to seal them with a Fast Finish grout sealer afterwards.   This allows the home or business owner to mop without the grime and dirty mop water to seep back in. The years of easy maintenance after is worth the extra investment and will outlast anything that can be purchased at one of the big box stores.
Fast Finish has also released a few rare specials for Angie's list members for the fall and winter months. It does not include the grout line sealing, but the money that is saved for purchasing the cleaning makes the extra add on worth it's weight in gold. It is also worth mentioning that Fast Finish is one of the few companies that have the diversity to clean multiple surface types and provide protectant for each of them. They can even refinish several different types of surfaces as well as do full restorations of concrete surfaces. See this transformed entry way that now adorns a cut stone tile look made from hybrid cement polymers.

Amazing work to say the least. If it can't be cleaned it can be resurfaced and restored to better than new. It is no wonder That Fast Finish ranks number one as a service provider on Angie's list. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Angie's list services and small business
We have two blogs for Fast Finish and have been doing a one years experiment on what drives people to our web site. For a small business or even a large one for that matter,  they rely on placement of their web site services on the first page of the search engines. Usually, when I do a quick search for information, I rarely need to go beyond the first page that displays whatever topic I type into google, bing, yahoo, etc... In fact I usually don't have to or need to scroll down any further than the top 5-10 listings. I suspect this is true for most people as well. So when a local client types in pressure washing in Salem Oregon and sees Fast Finish listed several times with reviews, blogs, etc.. We know that everything is working as intended. It also seems like the more we update our blogs and customers do reviews the more the phone rings from google searches. The web crawlers pick up on all the activity and then pushes our business information higher in the search results.  All that to say this- we are not experts at web sites, SEO work or even blogging. What we are experts at is surface restoration, cleaning and making our customers loyal fans by the type of work we do for them. Granted, our area is limited to the residents of Salem Oregon and the surrounding areas, but we do have impact that reaches farther than our home town in which we reside.
We love sharing information, tips and tricks for other cleaning companies looking to be successful at making customers fans in their home town too. We believe that sharing this information will one day return to us ten fold. 
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