Monday, March 3, 2014

Online Reviews For Cleaners

"Don't believe every online review" 
 BEWARE: Bogus online reviews are more plentiful and seductive than ever. The phony review industry has become so pervasive that it has set off an arms race of sorts between "opinion spammers" and sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google+ Local and Citysearch that depend on honest posts from real people for their bread and butter. "If you look at the trend over time, Yelp went from having 6 percent of its reviews filtered (questioned) to having 20 percent identified as fake reviews," says Michael Luca, an assistant professor at the Harvard Business School who co-authored a September 2013 study of phony restaurant reviews on Yelp. "And their own internal estimate is even higher." Barely a blip on our collective screens a decade ago, online reviews have grown exponentially in presence and importance with the advent of mobile social media. And where the masses meet, manipulators have followed, spawning worldwide review mills that churn out balderdash on demand for companies desperate to get an edge on their competition. FAST FINISH has real customer reviews based on great service not {shills) that are paid or encouraged to write up a phony review.
How to spot phony reviews
1/3 of our customers come from Angie's List and they follow up with the client after service is completed and then the company is graded.