Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Paints vs.Stains

 First thing to know-
 Water-based stains can adhere to water or oil-based coatings already present on the wooden surface. Water-based stains can be cleaned up with water.
Oil-based stains will only adhere to wood previously stained with an oil-based product. 

So which one is the best? The answer is not as simple as one over the other, but the conditions and exposure of the surface that determines the best application.
When dealing with wood decks, you have to consider it's direct exposure or enclosure of the wood. paints are coatings and they do not penetrate the substrate like stains. they are a thin adhesive film that can wear down or off over time. Stains penetrate into the surface and also condition the wood. The airflow beneath a deck can also be a big factor. A deck that can absorb moisture can rot quicker. If water can constantly sit on the surface, then stain is better than paint. In damp moisture prone climates wood will be absorbed under the paint and trap in the moisture and rot. If the deck is enclosed, paint will provide a more uniform appearance to the surface. 
The same can be said for sealers and coatings for concrete. Coatings float on top whereas sealers actually penetrate. The coatings are more eye appealing but require heavier maintenance long term. sealers penetrate the pores rather than covering them and relying on the adhesive nature of a coating to protect the finish....
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