Friday, September 16, 2016

What about TSP as a cleaner?

We use TSP for some things but here is some things to know for those who are looking at adding Soft Wash services to their pressure washing services...
Soft Wash differs from pressure washing in that it primarily relies on chemistry to do the heavy lifting in the cleaning process.,.
Note: TSP is (SH) or bleach compatible-
((Soft wash))
As a rule, you should Avoid adding TSP to your soft-wash mixes for two primary reasons:
1.  If left to accidentally dry on glossy surfaces such as windows or shiny gutter or garage doors, TSP will cause permanent damage to the shiny surfaces and 'De-Gloss' paint or glass and stain metal and cement surfaces.
2.  Use of TSP will give the possibility of violating the Clean Water Act or CWA.   If evidence of pollution by TSP or other pollutant by your company's services cause a fish kill, waterway plant death, eutrophication of nearby bodies of fresh or salt water, you may be held liable.  It is rare but can cost thousands in fines as warnings are almost never heard of.   Many states only allow the sale of a TSP substitute. ( found at HOme Depot)
-TSP is basically good for preperation of re painting and treating mold on wood or painted surfaces...

Friday, September 2, 2016

Penetrating vs. Topical Sealers

Question-Can topical concrete sealers (ex. acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, etc.) be applied over penetrating sealers?

Answer-((Yes,))topical sealers generally can be applied over most penetrating sealers. Penetrating sealers generally do not form a membrane, film, or barrier that would prevent the topical sealers from adhering to the surface. As a matter of fact, most penetrating sealers were originally developed for use as primers to be applied prior to topical coatings and sealers being applied. It was only in recent years that penetrating sealers gained popularity for usage as a standalone product due to their inherent properties for preserving, protecting, and strengthening concrete, brick, and stone surfaces. Please consult product label and product specification sheet for specific details on the product you are considering.
Can penetrating concrete sealers be applied over topical sealers? 
No, topical sealers create a membrane, film, or barrier that prevents the penetrating sealers from absorbing into the surface. If intention is to apply a penetrating sealer to a surface, then it will be necessary to properly remove the topical sealer from the surface prior to application of the penetrating sealer. Removal may be accomplished through scraping, grinding, sand blasting, shot blasting, pressure washing, chemical stripping, or other accepted method