Friday, August 18, 2017

Cleaning Balcony Tiles

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Roof Cleaning in Oregon

The approved cleaner for roofs is a variation of pool grade chlorine that is mixed with surfactants to allow dwell time on steep surfaces. There are downsides to using this mixture when it is first mixed and hot. Some of the downsides are it can kill plants along with the moss and mold so you have to be more careful in prep work so that you do not kill plant life. Also, when it is hot or freshly mixed on hot days it has an off gassing of chlorine gas which is also harmful and can even be fatal if PPE is not used. Even with all these scary things, chlorine is used in drinking water and cleaning without to much issue if used appropriately.. It also degrades rather fast and become inert quickly with UV exposure.

Another option is available but a bit more costly and friendly to use...

"Sodium percarbonate mixed with titanium dioxide"
" breaks down volatile organic compounds into harmless, inert materials and carbon dioxide. It is safe for plants. It contains inert materials disappear into the soil. Bleach is chlorine — a toxic substance that can kill plants and animals and can be very harmful to your lungs. Prolonged use of bleach will damage paint, destroy roofing underlayment and asphalt shingles."

Having used both types of cleaners and weighing the benefits of both, I have found that the Percarbonate type cleaners work but not as quickly as the Chlorine mixes. Both will work but one requires more work and cost overall, and you you still have to take the same amount of caution to not overspray or get into the waterways. both products go inert, but may still need capture depending on the areas being cleaned.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bad Concrete Finish Fixes

What to do with bad concrete coatings.

In the Pacific Northwest there is a ton of different concrete finishes being used in the industry. Many have performed well under the duress of constant weather and environmental changes.That said, there are more that have failed or have become unsightly than have lasted to a satisfactory level of enjoyment. Having the proper maintenance program for concrete cleaning and sealing becomes a high priority if the desired outcome is aesthetic durability and beauty.
A licensed contractor does not mean they are up to date on the best sealers, stains and coatings. Fast finish provides an in depth evaluation that goes beyond the standard one size fits all or in this case one coating or sealer works in every case. Having a broader product and applications background enables Fast Finish to provide a better solution than what most contractors offer. 
Another overlooked area regarding sealers and coatings is the short window in Oregon for application. Booking and planning in advance for the following season is usually the best approach and does not leave you with a run of the mill finish that is often provided in the area.