Friday, March 2, 2018

Sealers and Coatings on concrete

A contractor who takes on a stripping job is, by definition, already dealing with an unhappy customer as “You’re solving somebody’s problem, which means you’re in the middle of a negative situation instead of a positive one. If there’s ever a time for expectation management, it’s stripping and resealing.”

Take care of this problem in the testing phase, particularly if restaining or resealing is involved. Testing only one area encourages the false impression that every other spot will turn out exactly the same way, .So do two or three areas. You’ll likely end up with two or three different shades. “Have the client settle for a range, instead of a single sample,” when stripping sealers.

Also, test the most difficult spot on the floor, not one that seems to be average.Estimate on the most difficult areas, the job can only go better than expected or Chances are, that you may just make the job worse.”