Monday, March 23, 2015

Moss Removal- just get it done

Do you live in western Oregon?..Hope that you like moss because you are doomed to have it. It is inescapable in our climate. It is perfect for staying green. Unfortunately, moss causes untold millions of dollars worth of damage throughout the Pacific Northwest. It cuts the lifespan of many homes sidings and roofs in half. One of the caveats to warranties regarding roofing and siding is moss removal and maintenance. Home owners are in luck though. There are several companies that are skilled and trained in the proper treatment off moss and mold. Fast Finish is one such company based in Salem Oregon. Hiring expensive roofing companies to come out and treat with zinc powders and brushing with a crew is no longer a handcuffed expensive endeavor. Save those companies for the time you need that roof replaced not cleaned... Why pay some company to cause damage by scrubbing or inferior dusting of your roof line with ugly powders that just streak? These methods are expensive and timely. Because they take to much time is why companies have to charge more. When Fast Finish treats the moss you can see it die right before your eyes within minutes... Often times, an extra rinse or even just wind and rain takes the rest off. However, full service means that it can be lightly broomed or blown off with a leaf blower for a nominal charge. There is even a full gutter cleaning service as well...and while we are there you can have us treat all your Homes siding for extra protection and value as well for a complete package.