Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Roof Cleaning and Insurance companies

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Best Roof Cleaning in Salem Oregon

When you drive around Salem have you ever noticed the heavy moss, mold, and lichen, on the roofs in your neighborhood? Some look like carpet it is so thick...
Roof cleaning in Salem and the surrounding areas seem very neglected. Most people give little thought towards the roof... Even the cleaner roofs ( not yet green) have black stains.The stains that appear on your roof are living organisms that are methodically reducing the lifespan of the investment you made in your homes roof shingles. These organisms feed on the limestone base of the shingle causing the granules to loosen and end up in your gutter. As these granules slide down to the gutters, an increase in your homes utility bills are soon to follow. Unable to effectively reflect the suns rays away from your home in summer your air conditioner will find itself working overtime to keep your house cool. The black streaks also absorb and hold heat to your roofs surface. In winter your heating bill will inch upward as the shingles are less likely to retain the heat in your home as they did when they were new. The moss roots eat away at the limestone and hold damaging moisture causing rot under the shingles. An infected roof reduces your homes curb-appeal and property value quickly.

Durable tile is also affected by mold and when an inexperienced contractor is utilized for mold removal the results can be disastrous and costly. Pressure washers can destroy the glaze or surface areas allowing the moss and mold to come back even more aggressively.

Cedar Shake roofs are the most expensive and one of the roofs most affected by mold and moss. Growth on a wood roofs retains moisture and does not allow the roof to naturally dry out, negatively affecting its appearance and dramatically shortening the roofs life.

The life expectancy of a roof can be reduced by as much as 50% by not having it cleaned or having it cleaned improperly with pressure washers.

There is a very short list of qualified roof cleaning contractors in Salem Oregon that are able to identify which type of organisms you may be infected with and safely remove them from your home. Some, have more interest in just replacing your roof just as much as cleaning it...

Fast Finish is a dedicated Contractor Cleaning Company. Their focus is on surface restorations, meaning our patented equipment is dedicated for this purpose. And our commitment to the continued education for the best process is never ending.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Salem Property Management- Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal

Salem Oregon, Dallas, & Independence areas have several commercial property managers. Fast Finish is a preferred property management service company specializing in a complete property management cleaning system. From Driveways to Rooftops and everything in between we have the best and safest cleaning systems available.We invest in the community with the latest equipment, technology and techniques to provide the absolute best in restorative cleaning services.

Fast Finish Contractors -Licensed/ Bonded Surface Restoration- Polishing & Cleaning Services for Salem Oregon and surrounding areas. We utilize the most advanced Hydro Steam Evacuation-Cleaning System for the purpose of restoring finishes on man made and natural surfaces to a like new finish. Surfaces include: Carpet, Concrete,Tile,Grout, Natural Stone, Slate, Granite, Marble,Wood, Vinyl,Siding, Metal. Specializing in Removing Graffiti, Efflorescence, Mastic & Custom Concrete Overlays.


We utilize patent tools that attach to our powerful truck mounted system. The pressure is then direct safely to specialized spinners with the right amount of heat and pressure so we can clean and extract at the same time eliminating the overuse of water, and the damage that the pressure washer wands cause.
We can use our various tools to do restorative cleaning and extraction instead of blowing the dirt and grime all over.This is part of our true clean system approach.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Professional Contractor Cleaners in Salem Oregon

When you need a surface cleaned, you know how much effort it takes to get it done right and the visual impact that should show for the amount of work put into it. Fast Finish has a motto "perfection is required, excellence is accepted" this means that there is no room for Mediocre in the way we approach , plan and finish our projects. We also believe our clients feel the same way and we put ourselves in their shoes and look at each project from their point of view.
Now when you go to choose a professional contractor, is that the type of care you want put into your project? We think so. Call and talk to us about your next project.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Salem Oregon -Dirty Roofs Raise Insurance Premiums

 If you have a dirty roof, (moss, mold, lichen) your homeowners insurance policy could be at risk. Over the last year, we have had a great increase in calls from homeowners who need their roof cleaned to avoid having their homeowners insurance cancelled. Insurance companies often drive by their insured properties to do a visual inspection of a home’s exterior.
Don’t lose the protection of your homeowners insurance, call Fast Finish @503-749-5001 to have your roof professionally cleaned by a certified roof cleaning contractor. Roof Cleaning by Fast Finish using a safe and effective non pressure cleaning method will eliminate the black algae, lichen or moss and return your roof to a like new appearance at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our cleaning system  is the only approved non damaging way to clean an asphalt shingled roof, as per the Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association. We can also use our cleaning method on tile, slate and metal roofs.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Salem Oregon Roof Cleaning Services

Allowing moss, molds and lichens to grow on your shingles will shorten the life of your roof by up to 50%
Moss and lichen growth causes your roof  to hold excess moisture.  In addition, the shingles lose their reflective qualities that help protect it from sunlight and will also cause uneven heating of your attic space which will make your heating and cooling systems run less efficiently.
Because moss and lichen are plants, they have roots.  If these roots continue to grow, they will cause your shingles to lift and allow water to penetrate causing roof leaks. Roof Cleaning by Fast Finish offers roof moss removal that will rid your roof of moss and save you thousands of dollars as opposed to roof replacement.
We utilize a non destructive soft wash roof cleaning system opposed to traditional pressure washing, we can remove the moss, molds and lichen, restoring your roof to its original beauty

Call Fast Finish @ 503-749-5001 for a roof cleaning moss removal estimate. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fast Finish adds Google Web Site

Fast Finish Restorations

We finally added a Google Web Site to increase awareness in Salem Oregon about the services we provide to the community. This should increase web traffic for Salem, Dallas and Independence Oregon Residents and business owners looking for better options in cleaning services.
Fast Finish provides elite cleaning services with patent high tech equipment. For a better cleaning solution to cleaning residential and commercial carpets, Concrete, natural stone, pavers, tile and grout, roofing, siding and more contact the licensed and bonded Fast Finish experts.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best method for Cleaning a Shower with Soap Buildup

Best Shower Cleaning Method

This method works great for those who maintain their showers right after using them. A lot of showers need a professional Restorative cleaning from companies like FAST FINISH before they can be maintained properly. One of reasons that soap scum forms on your shower surface is because soap bars contain talc, a mineral that can build up on surfaces and become hard to remove once it cures. It is unsightly and continues to build up if not treated. The easiest way to deal with soap scum is to avoid using soap bars altogether – use liquid or gel soaps instead which do not contain talc.  But if you must use soap bars, here are some tips to keep your shower scum free:

  • For best results, clean your shower directly after it's been used and before deposits have a chance to cure and harden - then you need only water and a non scratch scrubbing pad.
  • an acidic cleaner is the best way for removing soap scum; most common soap scum removers contain some form of acid, be sure to read the labels before applying and do not use an acidic cleaner on an acid sensitive surface, such as marble, limestone or travertine.
  • pour warm vinegar into a spray bottle and apply to the affected area. Let it sit for about 30 minutes and scrub with a sponge or brush. Rinse with clean water. Again, vinegar is acidic and not to be used on acid sensitive surfaces.
  • Soap and Hardwater buildup in bathroom
    Soap scum removal
    Professional Bathroom tile cleaning

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Salem Business Cleans Floors like no other!


Salem Oregon Hard Surface Cleaning.

Fast Finish has put together several great videos of how our patent equipment cleans to better than new.
Browse through our blog for several great articles, tips, and advice for Salem area residents.
Our unique process removes the grime that other methods move around. For a more complete and sanitary way of cleaning we apply heat, vacuum and an emulsifier that suspends the toughest greases and organic materials so they can be extracted with our powerful truck mounted vacuum system.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Best Hard Surface Protection for Salem Oregon Residents

In Salem Oregon we deal with more than our fair share of wet weather. Our university mascots are Ducks & Beavers.(no surprise ) We also have a lot of hard surfaces comprised of cement, pavers, aggregate, and various bricks and natural stone. If you have lived here long enough, you have noticed metric tons of damaged hard surfaces evidenced by cracks, spalling, efflorescence, chipping, discoloration etc... What most people don't realize, is that over half the damaged concrete could have been prevented with proper sealing of the surface. Sealing does not prevent bad concrete pours or settling that causes the severe cracks, but a penetrating sealer works its way down into the pores beneath the surface preventing moisture causing micro fissures to developer from the natural expansion and contraction that happens over time. Keep in mind that moisture can expand the substrate up to 9 percent without a freeze factor. The freeze factor compounds the problem exponentially. Without a proper sealant you are looking towards costly repairs and replacement. Fast Finish is helping educate the local Salem area on how to minimize or even prevent such costly replacements of their surfaces. For a free valuation of your surfaces you can call us at 503-749-5001 or visit