Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Contract Cleaning

What is contract cleaning?
There are several types of contract cleaning jobs that are needed for certain types of business. Most of these types of jobs usually include a month to month type of schedule. It will often times include a restorative or deep cleaning every quarter that is deeper than the maintenance cleaning depending on the contract. The types of business that utilize these contracts vary from restaurants to grocery chains or high traffic retail areas. The contracts usually last the period of a year and are reviewed yearly for any price increases or additional services that can be added or subtracted. 
The better professional cleaning companies will be pro-active in evaluation of where they stand with the service being done and how the measure up to the contract. They also take pride in over performance and providing extra when available to secure a future contract. This can include giving demonstration of additional capabilities without charge.As easy as it sounds for the business owner to obtain a professional cleaner such as this, it is often not found as the good ones are almost always booked solid due to the way they perform and the relationship they have built through word of mouth. If you are one of those business owners who have tried the do it yourself method and have not experienced a professional contract cleaner that has the high tech equipment that provides those types of results- it may be time to step up. Results that you can see!