Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Pre-Treatment - First we apply a deep cleaning solution that loosens up the dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria.

Pressure - Contained high pressure water to penetrate the toughest areas. (Up to 1200 PSI)

Heat - We use 200+ degrees of heat.

Vacuum - Our process removes the soil and dirty water off of your floors. 


- Our process removes the dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria

- Restores your floors to a like-new appearance
- We use EPA and environmentally friendly solutions
- Licensed and insured
- Monthly maintenance program available
- We specialize in floor care, all work guaranteed 

Residential and Commercial 

Call us today for a free no obligation demonstration.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Commercial cleaning

How clean is clean? Can your existing cleaning service do this? Are you paying to just move the dirt and bacteria around and make it shiny? Chances are you are throwing money away for shiny dirty floors. Experience a new type of clean that can only come from Fast Finish! Call and schedule a demo for your place of business today, you won't regret it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Web Site goes Live

We just went live today on the world wide web. Learn about all the things we can do with our highly specialized equipment.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clean this couch challenge!!

We are going to clean this mess with the Fast Finish method...
The couch was slathered in BarBQue sauce then baked at 111 degrees for a day in Arizona temps before attempting the cleaning process. Oh yeah, They also added some ketchup and syrup just to make it interesting.
Fast Finish time 25 minutes!!

Eliminate smoke and the worst odors

Specialized equipment from Fast Finish can eliminate the most stubborn of odors. Great for large car lots and hotels that can contract to restore the worst smells back to new. Eliminate that smoked in smell with a 100% percent guarantee or you don't pay for the service!

Carpet cleaning

Biggest complaint in carpet cleaning is... Wet carpet afterwards, sometimes longer than a day. With the Fast Finish system we expect 15-20 minutes!
So how clean is clean? See for yourself during our demo... Better yet, schedule a demo for yourself!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Color seal grout after cleaning!!

After cleaning up the old grout in the kitchen or bathroom, add a professional color seal that will last for years while keeping out the mold and bacteria that is prone to those areas...

You want clean??

Most people don't know that when they pay to have a floor cleaned (any floor) they are paying to have the dirt and grime moved around, diluted and ground into other less noticeable areas of the flooring. Complete extraction is the only true way to get the results you truly want.
Notice the difference with extracting this tile surface and grout.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Company Apparel

Here we have samples of what will be our company shirts. These are the nice non wrinkle collar type polo shirts. Perfect for work and golf.... Mostly work I am sure.
Men's and women's!

Equipment Approval- Stage One

The Equipment trailer gets the final approval today. We will also consider van mounted units for the service reps in the future. Expansion will depend on the number of commercial and residential accounts we are able to get. We welcome our clients input and suggestions. This business will evolve around their need of the services provided.