Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why are we Cleaning & Restoring?

In most states and cities across the country, news channels will do small updates on "Dirty Dining" highlighting various eateries that do not meet the minimum expectation for cleanliness for serving food. Trust me when I say that the lasting affects of making that list are very grim and almost a death knell for that business. Most don't recover from it...
  • Here are the Statistics...
  •  -More than 90% of the respondents say they notice dirty restaurant floors.
  •  -50% report dirty restrooms
  •  -75% of respondents say they have visited an unclean restaurant.
  •  -90% feel that dirty hands play the major role in food-borne illness.

  • What did customers do when they observed unclean conditions? They left w/o complaining, most of them told other people and they NEVER returned to the restaurant again.
  • -80% say they discussed the restaurant with friends and family
  •  -70% say they never will return 
  • -31% say they report the problem to a server or manager.
  •   Remember, most people judge the entire cleanliness of a restaurant based on what they see in the restrooms.

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