Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pet Care and Cleaning Carpets in Salem Oregon

We have 4 dogs in our household. Two of them compete freestyle. We also have 4 kids with two of them being the freestyle trainers with titles for two of the dogs. Two of the dogs are schnauzers and don't shed hair and that is great from a cleaning perspective. The other two however, shed more than enough to cover all four dogs. After having our own carpets professionally cleaned over the years prior to being in the business, we noticed how little care and concern was given to the household in regards to the family pets. The problem?-The family pet has exponentially more surface contact time with the carpet and their sensitive K9 receptors in their nasal passages exposed to the common pre-sprays that are used by every carpet cleaning company.
The solution?- the obvious solution is no pre- spray at the expense of diminished cleaning results or removing the pets for an extended length of time. As neither one of these options are practical in the culture of the day, Fast Finish has come up with the best solution available, ( that is until Star Trek transporters can beam the dirt particles away daily..... Hmmm?) Fast Finish uses a live enzyme based cleaning solution. The solution is mixed right before cleaning to activate the live microbial cleaning agents. The enzymes have a maximum 24 hr life span then become inert in their effectiveness. The processes costs a little more as there is always small unused amounts left over and it always has to be prepped for the job beforehand instead of just stored on the shelf. But the trade off is no harsh chemical residues left behind for our favorite friends and a true all natural smell. Isn't it time for something a little better than good? We think so...