Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Best Hard Surface Protection for Salem Oregon Residents

In Salem Oregon we deal with more than our fair share of wet weather. Our university mascots are Ducks & Beavers.(no surprise ) We also have a lot of hard surfaces comprised of cement, pavers, aggregate, and various bricks and natural stone. If you have lived here long enough, you have noticed metric tons of damaged hard surfaces evidenced by cracks, spalling, efflorescence, chipping, discoloration etc... What most people don't realize, is that over half the damaged concrete could have been prevented with proper sealing of the surface. Sealing does not prevent bad concrete pours or settling that causes the severe cracks, but a penetrating sealer works its way down into the pores beneath the surface preventing moisture causing micro fissures to developer from the natural expansion and contraction that happens over time. Keep in mind that moisture can expand the substrate up to 9 percent without a freeze factor. The freeze factor compounds the problem exponentially. Without a proper sealant you are looking towards costly repairs and replacement. Fast Finish is helping educate the local Salem area on how to minimize or even prevent such costly replacements of their surfaces. For a free valuation of your surfaces you can call us at 503-749-5001 or visit www.fastfinishor.com