Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Best Roof Cleaning in Salem Oregon

When you drive around Salem have you ever noticed the heavy moss, mold, and lichen, on the roofs in your neighborhood? Some look like carpet it is so thick...
Roof cleaning in Salem and the surrounding areas seem very neglected. Most people give little thought towards the roof... Even the cleaner roofs ( not yet green) have black stains.The stains that appear on your roof are living organisms that are methodically reducing the lifespan of the investment you made in your homes roof shingles. These organisms feed on the limestone base of the shingle causing the granules to loosen and end up in your gutter. As these granules slide down to the gutters, an increase in your homes utility bills are soon to follow. Unable to effectively reflect the suns rays away from your home in summer your air conditioner will find itself working overtime to keep your house cool. The black streaks also absorb and hold heat to your roofs surface. In winter your heating bill will inch upward as the shingles are less likely to retain the heat in your home as they did when they were new. The moss roots eat away at the limestone and hold damaging moisture causing rot under the shingles. An infected roof reduces your homes curb-appeal and property value quickly.

Durable tile is also affected by mold and when an inexperienced contractor is utilized for mold removal the results can be disastrous and costly. Pressure washers can destroy the glaze or surface areas allowing the moss and mold to come back even more aggressively.

Cedar Shake roofs are the most expensive and one of the roofs most affected by mold and moss. Growth on a wood roofs retains moisture and does not allow the roof to naturally dry out, negatively affecting its appearance and dramatically shortening the roofs life.

The life expectancy of a roof can be reduced by as much as 50% by not having it cleaned or having it cleaned improperly with pressure washers.

There is a very short list of qualified roof cleaning contractors in Salem Oregon that are able to identify which type of organisms you may be infected with and safely remove them from your home. Some, have more interest in just replacing your roof just as much as cleaning it...

Fast Finish is a dedicated Contractor Cleaning Company. Their focus is on surface restorations, meaning our patented equipment is dedicated for this purpose. And our commitment to the continued education for the best process is never ending.

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