Friday, February 15, 2013

Salem Oregon Roof Cleaning Services

Allowing moss, molds and lichens to grow on your shingles will shorten the life of your roof by up to 50%
Moss and lichen growth causes your roof  to hold excess moisture.  In addition, the shingles lose their reflective qualities that help protect it from sunlight and will also cause uneven heating of your attic space which will make your heating and cooling systems run less efficiently.
Because moss and lichen are plants, they have roots.  If these roots continue to grow, they will cause your shingles to lift and allow water to penetrate causing roof leaks. Roof Cleaning by Fast Finish offers roof moss removal that will rid your roof of moss and save you thousands of dollars as opposed to roof replacement.
We utilize a non destructive soft wash roof cleaning system opposed to traditional pressure washing, we can remove the moss, molds and lichen, restoring your roof to its original beauty

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