Saturday, February 23, 2013

Salem Property Management- Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal

Salem Oregon, Dallas, & Independence areas have several commercial property managers. Fast Finish is a preferred property management service company specializing in a complete property management cleaning system. From Driveways to Rooftops and everything in between we have the best and safest cleaning systems available.We invest in the community with the latest equipment, technology and techniques to provide the absolute best in restorative cleaning services.

Fast Finish Contractors -Licensed/ Bonded Surface Restoration- Polishing & Cleaning Services for Salem Oregon and surrounding areas. We utilize the most advanced Hydro Steam Evacuation-Cleaning System for the purpose of restoring finishes on man made and natural surfaces to a like new finish. Surfaces include: Carpet, Concrete,Tile,Grout, Natural Stone, Slate, Granite, Marble,Wood, Vinyl,Siding, Metal. Specializing in Removing Graffiti, Efflorescence, Mastic & Custom Concrete Overlays.


We utilize patent tools that attach to our powerful truck mounted system. The pressure is then direct safely to specialized spinners with the right amount of heat and pressure so we can clean and extract at the same time eliminating the overuse of water, and the damage that the pressure washer wands cause.
We can use our various tools to do restorative cleaning and extraction instead of blowing the dirt and grime all over.This is part of our true clean system approach.