Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Salem pressure washing contractor

Every pressure washer in Salem Oregon is working overtime right now. The never ending green moss and mold that plagues all our homes keeps every cleaning business busy this time of year. Fast Finish pressure washing services is no exception. So why choose us over the guys down the road? What should you look for in a good pressure washing service. Besides all the obvious but often overlooked things like being licensed, bonded and insured, there are some very important differences to consider. Anyone can point a pressure washer at a surface and blast away. What separates Fast Finish from the "anyone" service include the following:
1. Proper Surface inspection
2. Correct amount of heat and pressure - yes we use heat and pressure!
3. The right mix of detergents, emulsifiers,
4. Lastly a protective coating wash to help inhibit further mold growth
We offer this on each and every house and roof we wash. To wash roofs in the small communities of Salem, Dallas, independence, Monmouth, means the job needs to be done right the first time. This is why we don't cut corners when it comes to clean!