Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Woodburn Mobile Power washing , pressure washing,Steam cleaning services

Regular pressure washers available to the public simply cannot get the job done like the large commercial power washing units for professional contractors. In the hands of a professional contractor our Hot/cold pressure washers deliver the exact amount of pressure to remove the moss/ mold/ gum and stains that are often present on Woodburn, Oregon business parks. We are licensed to clean the concrete the right way. Do not hire that low cost friend or company to come out with his consumer grade equipment and blast your sidewalks. This can lead to unexpected damages that can cost you more money than if it was done right the first time. We even employ a vacuum evacuation system to protect sensitive storm drains where needed and required by law.  We also utilize PIG drain Inserts to capture debris, sediment and oils that are swept into storm drains. These inserts allow us to comply with EPA regulations regarding run off and allows us to dispose of the sediment properly.

If you are a business and responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalks etc...or just want your business to look presentable for your customer/ clients. Give Fast Finish a call and set up a free consultation regarding your project needs. We are completely mobile and work around business hours schedule. We are the most cost effective, visual, business improvement service around. You can see the difference when we are finished!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Salem Mobile Interior Cleaning for car,boat, Rv, and home.

Odor and Stain Removal mad mobile for Salem, Dallas, Independence, Monmouth residents.

We have a great niche and I am sure other companies will borrow from our book of services because it is popular and very effective. The bottom line is that we have secured some great business with our mobility and professional stain and odor removal equipment. All we need is a place to plug in (for now) We will add a mobile generator later to make our service even more complete for those more rural areas. Here we clean a  senior center lead vehicle that is used to cart patients around to various places. Client got a little car sick and we came to the rescue to get live enzymes into the upholstery to do the work of odor abatement. The we did a professional fogging through the entire air system to give it a better than new smell. And just in time as the summer heat starts o kick in that would make the car in operable.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mattress Cleaning Salem, Oregon

One of the best but most overlooked services you can do in Salem , Independence, Monmouth, Dallas and surrounding areas. It is completely mobile and in most cases a same day service! Call Fast Finish today to have all your mattresses done! Ask for our multiple discount package and sleep clean tonight!

Safe hot steam cleaning with enzyme based product kills and removes dust mites, stains and other allergens and viruses that is missed by chemical sprays like Lysol. We don't just kill the bugs...we remove them with our Fast Finish patent system!