Saturday, April 27, 2013

Salem Mobile Interior Cleaning for car,boat, Rv, and home.

Odor and Stain Removal mad mobile for Salem, Dallas, Independence, Monmouth residents.

We have a great niche and I am sure other companies will borrow from our book of services because it is popular and very effective. The bottom line is that we have secured some great business with our mobility and professional stain and odor removal equipment. All we need is a place to plug in (for now) We will add a mobile generator later to make our service even more complete for those more rural areas. Here we clean a  senior center lead vehicle that is used to cart patients around to various places. Client got a little car sick and we came to the rescue to get live enzymes into the upholstery to do the work of odor abatement. The we did a professional fogging through the entire air system to give it a better than new smell. And just in time as the summer heat starts o kick in that would make the car in operable.