Saturday, May 4, 2013

Floor polishing Services, Salem, Dallas, Independence, Monmouth & surrounding areas

So you just googled floor polishing services for Salem Oregon and found a  few yellow page listings, janitorial & window companies and possible a carpet cleaning, and floors store company. This indicates that business is tight and several companies have had to add this service to their portfolio. That and some of them have been filling a need that has been lacking in the Salem area for a long time
While some of these companies have gone to some  training in cleaning and polishing your floors, to garner your business, it is not their core strength. Why? Because not many have invested in these expensive high dollar floors in the area and the occasional call for doing it does not require additional training to get up to date on the current methods of efficiency and technology moves fast.. Now, you may be the exception and you have had  your expensive tile cleaned while having your rugs done and have been more than happy.  But what you don't know, you don't know.
There is a company focused on this service, and has specific dedication and technology that matches this need. Fast Finish cleaning and polishing for Natural Stones, like marble, granite, Travertine, & slate are for you when only the best will do.  We have partnered with the best companies to make sure you have the best product/s for your hard surface.
And after all the cleaning is done we provide the absolute best sealers that money can buy to protect that investment. Give Fast finish a call today. Floor polishing done right and done fast. We will work around your schedule and budget.

Get a mirror like shine, or the wet look. Or just a nice satin finish with a 5 year sealer at Fast Finish. Penetrating Sealers last 3-5 years and do not leave a topical coating that must be removed to clean properly adding additional costs to proper cleaning that you later regret.   Knowledge is power and we believe fully informed people make better decisions for their homes and business floors.