Saturday, May 25, 2013

Salem Oregon Carpet Cleaners Battle for 1st place on GOOGLE

Type in Carpet Cleaning in Salem Oregon and you will find several companies battling for that 1st place spot on the mighty google front page. The belief is that the top few listed are the best ones to call first. It makes a lot of sense from the easy marketing point of view. People are generally wanting to get things done easily, so calling the top listed 2-3 or even 3-5 companies usually gets the job done with pretty good results. This is no different for any service related company from plumbing to concrete work.
The best and most often overlooked companies that clean carpets are not on the top of the GOOGLE search engines. Only Those who spend the big bucks advertising with the search engines and other SEO related services tend to migrate their way to the top. Let's be honest here, the companies that know how to manipulate, spend and have other manipulators do the work get the favored first on the page prize. I know companies that spend more time with their social network than they do running their business so they can get the business...  And around the merry -go -round we go.
Here are the top things these small business owners have to do to get the prize:

  1. Attain an optimized web site and if possible two
  2. Acquire a blog- and it update almost daily or weekly
  3. Generate tons of feedback and reviews 
Take and cross link all the above items with back links, web site submissions, embedding videos, pictures, updates so that all three have some sort of pattern that refers back to the business
Now you can see where we get on the merry-go-round.  The problem is it gets spinning faster and there is no where to get off without losing your ranking somewhere in the lineup.
This  is why some companies pay top dollar for some other company or service to manage it all for them.
In fact this blog is in the same game linked to a couple other sites so that the search engines crawl over this new content and rush it to the top. Some companies (like ours) have organically made its way to the top of search engines under certain key word look ups. I would love to tell you exactly why that happened, but the fact of the matter is that top secret combination (at least for us) has been throwing a lot of different things out there to see what sticks.  Yeah, we read how all the above was important and rag tagged together the needed items to put together a system. But in all honesty it isn't our fancy web site and marketing that makes Fast Finish great, it is the two owners business acumen, the dedication to improvement and the years of experience- real life experience that clients can relate to.
Oh yeah , the creative mind and high tech patent tools and equipment behind it doesn't hurt either...