Friday, May 17, 2013

TOP 100 Blog Questions for cleaners and customers

What makes your cleaning different from your local competition?

What's the difference between cleaning and sealing and color sealing?

Will you remove the "dents" in the carpet where the furniture legs are?

Will my carpet get dirty quicker / sooner after you clean it?

Can you clean Berber carpet?

Can you clean wool carpet?

I'm sensitive to chemicals. Can you clean the carpet without chemicals?

What time will you get here?

I need to go to work / take the kids to school etc. Can I just leave a key under the mat?

Do you re use the water?

When you are done will my carpet be dry?

How about you throw in that Couch for an extra 20.00, your boss will never know

Can I get a discount if I pay you in cash?

Do you move furniture? Good can you put this bed in other room for me?

Can you get Kool Aid out?

Can you get out plant stains?

Can you cut out or color bleach stains?

Will the carpets shrink after you clean them?

Why does cleaning Wool cost more?

Can you clean my Oriental rug?

Is resolve the best spotter for my carpet?

Will your employees smell like smoke?

Can you also stretch carpets?

Can you guarantee odor removal???

I am highly allergic to perfumes. What reaction can I expect from your cleaning???

I have water flow issues from my well. How much water do you need to use??

Can you get this blood out of the carpet before the police show up???

What kind of spot treatment do you recommend?

Do you provide a bottle of spotting cleaner for me after job is finished?

Can you remove cola/cool aid stains?

Can you provide fast drying services after cleaning?

How often do you recommend dehumidifying a home to help control smell?

What sort of odor control services do you offer?

Do you provide upholstery cleaning services?

Can you make after hours emergency water extraction services?

Why do you charge $150 per hour minimum 4 hours for emergency after hours water extraction?

What are you rates for dehumidifying?

How long should the carpets take to dry?

Can I walk on it after it's clean?

How can I remove gum if your not available?

Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning - Which is better?

Why should i use your Company over another?

Are the Detergents you use Safe for my family?

Will my carpets need Cleaning more often once i have them cleaned?

Why are you more expensive than others that advertise a lot cheaper.

Do you move furniture?

Why do you cost so much?

Are you certified?

Are you bonded?

Are you insured?

How long have you been cleaning carpet?

Does Scotchgard / Teflon really work? Do you recommend them? What do they do?

What's the best thing I can do to maintain my carpet between professional cleanings?

What if I refer a friend or friends to you?

Do you provide other carpet services?

when should i have carpets cleaned

will cleaning void my warranty

will cleaning cause damages (wrinkles

how often should i vacuum

-Why is carpet wet so much longer after its scotch guarded

-Is the carpet sanitized after your 210-230 degrees touches my carpet

-Why do some cleaners sell sanitizer when your wand is breathing boiling water on the fiber.

-Is air duct cleaning a scam

- explain why this guy is 6.95 and this company has no price until a estimate

What kind of guarantee do you give?

Do you vacuum the carpet?

How long will it take you?

I just spilled spaghetti sauce on my carpet. Should I do anything before you get here?

Who does the work?

What happens if you break something?

Will the chemicals stain my carpet? How do you know?

If I have a problem who do I contact?

How long have you been in business?

Do you have any references I can call?

What can I use to get some spots out?

What do I use to clean up urine?

Is cleaning my carpets too often bad for the carpet?

Will you move all my furniture?

Will your hoses damage my walls?

Do I need to send out my wool rugs for cleaning?

Is your truck going to leak oil on my driveway like the last guy?

Are you going to keep my door open on this cold day?

How long have you been in the industry?

Can you get out all the stains?

Why do some stains come out and others don't?

What should I do if I spill something in between visits?

When can I remove the tabs under my furniture?

Will the chemical make my dog want to urinate on the carpet?

Will cleaning the carpet remove the "Dog Smell" in my house?

Why does my carpet look "Gray" in some areas?

Why is the carpet colored different in different areas? 

Why do some stains re-appear?