Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cedar siding, deck, and fence cleaning made easy by Fast Finish in Salem Oregon

Cleaning and restoring cedar is a challenge if you have ever attempted it. Fast Finish makes it look easy but it is a process that usually involves 1)stripping old finish 2)brightening and neutralizing 3) Sanding 4) Stain & Sealing.
Proper stripping of old stain can be very tedious and time consuming. Most box store strippers lack the needed strength to do the job properly and usually only frustrates the consumer. Add in the bad acrylic water based stains that are often applied by a lot of the home owners only complicates matters worse for removal. Most quit before they even get started. An inexperienced pressure washer will only add more mayhem and damage to the soft cedar surface.  Lastly, most of the stains available over the counter are lacking the needed ingredients for a long lasting finish. After a season most will chip, peel, fade or grey out. Add all these things up and the home owner starts thinking paint!!
Before you go the last resort paint option on your cedar, deck, fence, or siding, get a free evaluation from Fast Finish to discuss a great natural looking option.