Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving means cleaning

With Thanksgiving only two weeks away people are scrambling to make arrangements for that weekend. Besides all the obvious food preparation and lists of "to do's" that get put together for that day, there is one overlooked item that gets missed, and that is the cleaning. Yes, those kitchen and dining room floors are usually thought of after the guest start arriving. You see it and hope they don't !

The hurry up last minute shuffle to vacuum and mop the days and nights before the party are exhausting and usually give only mediocre results for all the hard work that a homeowner puts into the job. 
This time of year is a great time to get a professional cleaning done just before the holidays. Even business owners can take advantage if getting that dirty old floor freshened up and smelling nice again. Carpet is especially dirty and has old stale allergens and bacteria trapped in them. Having them sanitized and hot water extracted  will leave them better than new. Hard tile and grout surfaces can retain a better than new luster and can also be sealed once they are cleaned. That is one of the reasons they became so dirty in the first place!  Get them sealed and make the next cleaning that much easier. Carpet is no different. You can put a factory approved scotch guard or stain protectant back into those fibers making a breeze to maintain afterwards. 

Time is short and precious for most people. We know that anyone can clean if they put in the time and effort and do a pretty good job from a visual standpoint.
But why not have a company like Fast Finish come in and get that deep clean, that restorative clean that can't be done without the hi tech patent equipment that they utilize. The average house floor job takes about three hours of time and cleans up to 75% better than what any janitorial type service provider can do in 6 hours. Our heated water pressurized vacuum system and techniques are unmatched by chemicals and elbow grease methods of cleaning.

The benefits of this type of cleaning?
-More cleaned in less time
-Better results aesthetically 
-Less frustration with inferior methods
-Safer around pets and children
-Cost effective long term when sealed
-True sanitized finish that can't be seen
-Lower regular maintanance costs

Salem Oregon residents and Polk and Marion county home and business owners reap the benefits of having Fast Finish professional services available to them. Fast Finish never schedules more than two jobs a day and all jobs are done by the owners. They take pride in their quality of work and do what it takes to garnish positive reviews from all the review sites. They offer a different type of clean than most people are used to. They love their work and it shows in the quality they leave behind. Their goal is to turn as many people into fans and cheerleaders for their business as possible. 
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