Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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Add Words...

We ran three adds with google add words,since basically late 2012.
The exact adds are shown above.
Moss and mold treatments, pressure washing, custom concrete surfaces.
I think that Google matched our $150 we spent at the time. They still offer this special all the time through out the year.
New business owners take note!
These very adds started the phone ringing much faster than going door to door and business to business... This is the first crucial thing we did. The second crucial item that we did was label each and every picture with the exact key words as the adds we ran. Every video and every page in our web site included these key tag words for the page.
I don't want to talk above the rim as they would say in basketball. It is important to understand that the names and labels you attach to your web site pictures is what Google looks for when it crawls through the Internet looking for relevant content.
Subscribe to this blog and I will continue some simple steps to making your cleaning web site a site that drives business to you like ours. The very same information that the SEO companies charge premiums monthly to companies who don't want to mess with the process  or just feel they don't have the ability to do it on their own..
Until next post!