Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Surviving winter for contract cleaners

TMT new business owners have a challenge ahead of them once the first winter starts to set in.  That first year of business can be a back breaker for many who have chosen to step out and pursue their dreams of financial freedom.
It is especially difficult for those who live in areas where the weather becomes the biggest obstacle to getting out. Constant rain, snow or freezing temperatures can bring what little cash flow there is  to a grinding halt. To a new low cash flow start up that can be disastrous. 
For Savy customers looking for the best deals, it can be a gold mine of savings on the best services  available from these eager new business owners..the value of savings and the eagerness of new business owners coupled together is a recipe for success.  So how can we make that happen?
The blog post! This very post, explaining the obvious connection in writing and finding its way through googles magic search engine is starting that very connection. The fresh content that is written about fabulous deals and new TMT business owners will find its way to the top of a search page, when a customer looking for service types in: pressure washing, power washing, roof cleaning, moss removal, tile cleaning, concrete staining, concrete sealer, carpet cleaning, natural stone, stains, sealers, best cleaners, Salem Oregon , etc...( see what I did there?)
The only difference is that the customer will find the Fast Finish cleaning links at or near the top of the searches instead of the new TMT business owners. At least for local searches that is. A national representation is a whole new game. One that we don't need right now.
Within this post, Google will find key words, regarding new business, and all the services listed that Fast Finish provides along with the business name, winter deals, etc multiple times. 
The customer will type in one of those services and fast finish will be one of the options listed. As a new business owner, you don't care how the phone rings, as long as it does. Granted, there will be tons of solicitors trying to sell you their magical SEO services, and advertisement. But what you really need is a blog embedded into your web site that delivers content that is new. Let's face it, you don't have time to constantly change your web pages everyday with new photos and videos all the time. But you can make a post like this one every couple days. What is 15 minutes in your day when you are not working as a new business owner? Count it as blogging therapy that is tied to your success. Everyone can brag a little about their business and services they provide. Let's face it, as a new owner, you have some of the most innovative and awesome equipment available for cleaning just about anything. There is that, and you as a business owner have to be awesome, for taking the step to invest in it. All that is missing is making the customer see and understand it so they can experience how great your cleaning company is and will he for them.
Until your next cleaning needs are met..,
Fast Finish business mentoring...