Saturday, November 14, 2015

Successful roof cleaning

2013 was a breakout year for Fast Finish when we introduced roof cleaning as a service. We were getting asked to clean roofs on a regular basis in 2012, so we invested in the training and equipment to facilitate our customer base. We ended doing about 10 per month average in 2013. There are companies that do way more but given that we had other services we were focused on, we thought it was a great number for a new company. We also give a lot of credit to Oregons moss friendly weather and a ton of roofs that have never been touched. Timing was everything as the housing market was turning around and inspectors and insurance were putting the extra push we needed to get roofs in order to sell the property. It was the perfect storm for us. The average cost of cleaning a 2000sq ft roof was right at the $700 mark. Factor in smaller roofs and types of treatment against bigger roofs that required skilled anchoring, brushing and tarping of surrounding landscaping. The average cost makes a lot of sense. A cheap treatment can be as low as $300 to spray and leave. A complex treatment and complete clean out can be as much as$1900 or more from our experience.
Needless to say, not a bad service to offer in a second year of business. Plus there were many roofs,(about 40 total) that we couldn't or did not do that we could have added to that total..!that was due to physical limitations and injury etc..
So for those interested in how we managed such a business that grew so quickly in our first year, here are the five main components we acquired.,.
More on the how in our next post!