Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bad Concrete Finish Fixes

What to do with bad concrete coatings.

In the Pacific Northwest there is a ton of different concrete finishes being used in the industry. Many have performed well under the duress of constant weather and environmental changes.That said, there are more that have failed or have become unsightly than have lasted to a satisfactory level of enjoyment. Having the proper maintenance program for concrete cleaning and sealing becomes a high priority if the desired outcome is aesthetic durability and beauty.
A licensed contractor does not mean they are up to date on the best sealers, stains and coatings. Fast finish provides an in depth evaluation that goes beyond the standard one size fits all or in this case one coating or sealer works in every case. Having a broader product and applications background enables Fast Finish to provide a better solution than what most contractors offer. 
Another overlooked area regarding sealers and coatings is the short window in Oregon for application. Booking and planning in advance for the following season is usually the best approach and does not leave you with a run of the mill finish that is often provided in the area.