Saturday, June 16, 2018

Epoxy Floor Installers in Salem Oregon

Since 2012, Fast Finish has been prepping concrete surfaces for Epoxy floor installations. Often times, it was for other contractors, as they needed just the prep work and cleaned ready to use surface. One advantage that Fast Finish has, is to get rid of the smaller particulates from the concrete grinding that can cause the box store variety  epoxy kits to delaminate.

Although relatively new to the installation process, in regards to sheer number of installs and years in business compared to other companies, Fast Finish came into the arena at a time when the manufactures made huge leaps forward in the technology of the products. This is why Fast Finish has done as many repair jobs as new installations in the last six years. The advantage and luck  of coming in at the right time for this particular industry.

Epoxy floors have gained a lot of notice over the last several years for their stunning appearance, easy maintenance and durability. The extra costs outweigh most commercially installed floor systems on the cleaning maintenance alone, and the "wow" factor is usually unmatched. From basic broadcast flake systems, to multiple color metallic looks, the epoxy floor systems are here to stay.