Monday, December 3, 2012

Salem Oregon Pet Owners- Cleaning pet accidents

MOST households have at least one cat or a dog. And although they may be our best friends, they may not be the best for the carpet, rugs, and upholstery. Animal related issues and stains can be challenging to remove, so it’s best to attack them while they are fresh...
There are two types of reactions that can take place between the chemistry in an animal’s urine and those in the dyes and fibers of textile furnishings. The first type of reaction is immediately noticeable. The yellow color of the urine can change the color (s) of the fiber or fabric (especially light colors) as soon as it comes in contact with them.
The other reactions develop slowly over several days to several months and can result in permanent changes to the dyes and fiber. Not only can the dyes change but some fibers may become weakened or destroyed by the aged urine. The decomposing urine can also produce an objectionable odor. After cleaning, these areas are more obvious because the soils that hid the changed color and damaged fibers have been removed. Also, dyes weakened by urine may bleed especially on your fine wool rugs so if you see color transfer as you’re blotting up the urine, take the wool rug to a professional cleaner in your area as soon as possible.

The next time you encounter wet urine follow these simple steps:
1.Absorb as much liquid as possible with several layers of white terry or paper toweling.
2. Treat the area with a neutral detergent solution (one teaspoon neutral white or colorless laundry detergent in a cup of lukewarm water). Make sure the detergent is free of bleaching agents (no chlorine or peroxide).Blot (don’t rub or scrub) that liquid with several layers of white terry or paper towel. Note: always test the solutions first by applying a small amount in an inconspicuous area to determine its effect on the fiber and dye. Wait thirty minutes to an hour to see if any color changes or other problems may arise.
3. apply the mild ammonia solution (1/2 teaspoon clear or sudsy, uncolored household ammonia in one cup of water ). Blot again.
4. apply the vinegar solution (one part white vinegar to two parts water). Blot.
5. finally place several clean, dry, white terry or paper towels over the area and weigh down with a plastic bucket or jug filled with water.
6. allow the area to dry a minimum of six hours. Repeat if necessary.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Surface Restoration, Cleaning, Power Washing, Videos for Salem Oregon Customers

Subscribe to our Fast Finish You Tube channel and watch the latest uploads that involve cleaning and restoration of various surfaces.

The picture above is the most expensive rug in the world...It was hand made for Royalty, and is considered priceless.

Fast Finish Video Channel for You Tube

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cleaning up Salem Oregon property

Do you own any of the following?Salem pressure washing Services

  • Tennis Courts
  • Shuffleboard Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Roofs - Excellent Results with Clay Tile Roofs (Use Low Pressure on Shingle Roofs)
  • Pool Decks
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Loading Docks
  • Warehouse Floors

    1. Removes Efflorescence, moss, algae, fuel, oil and grease from drive through pads, boat ramps, tennis courts, roofs, pools, decks , walkways, factory floors, semi trailer floors, fishing docks, and loading docks etc...Stubborn stains from most hard surfacesDisinfection for the highest hygiene demands in saunas, bathroom areas, and in the catering industry.Best option for cleaning driveways in Salem Oregon

Refrigerated Semi Trailer Floors-Our patent high speed cleaners can remove dirt for up to 25 times faster than the standard wands and 15 times faster than water brooms used by common pressure washer companies in Salem, Oregon.-The user walks behind the unit holding the two handles. The arms are connected to the shaft that is part of the spinning head (a mechanism that allows smooth rotation of the arm). These arms rotate/spin with the flow of the water (greater the water volume – the faster the spinning times), which creates a scrubbing action with the water coming out. The spray nozzles are only 1/2” away from the surface which allows greater cleaning capabilities. Then we add up to 320 degrees of heat which allows us to lower the typical high pressures that can damage various surfaces. The edge of the housing and the brush skirt protect the surrounding area from over spraying. A great advantage of these cleaners is that they eliminate the “zebra” striping usually found using traditional pressure washing methods.-Truck mounted extraction eliminates the worry of waste water runoff. These systems are designed to protect the environment and comply with storm drain regulations. Suitable for use on greasy factory floors, concrete parking lots and drive through areas, gas stations, garages and more.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Salem Oregon Tile and Grout Cleaning

Fast Finish
Many folks forget about having their tile and grout professionally cleaned, and others don't even realize that a professional tile and grout cleaning service is available in Salem, Oregon

While sweeping and mopping are great ways to maintain your tile floors, there is nothing that compares to the Hydro-Cleaning services that Fast Finish provides with removing the embedded soils and grime through extraction.
We begin by inspecting the tile & grout. This is important as we need to make sure the customer doesn't have any cracking tiles or grout that need repair.

Next we apply a high PH alkaline spray. This proprietary heavy duty spray dissolves all the grease and grime that is deeply embedded into the grout lines of your floor. While they are still safe for you family and pets the products we use are not available at your local hardware store and are only available to professional tile and grout cleaners.
After applying the spray we us a specialize grout scrubbing tool to scrub each line to ensure that we remove all the dirt, grease and grime from you grout lines.

Once we are sure we have properly cleaned your grout lines we use our professional grade extraction tool to apply a high pressure, heat, rinse and extraction process. This step ensure that we get all the dirt and grease we just cleaned sucked out to our truck mount tanks and also that we remove all the cleaning agent residue so your tile and grout will have its original luster.
We always take the time to wipe down your baseboards and any tight corners that need detail cleaning. Just another step we do to take your tile and grout cleaning experience to the next level.
We then set up fans to speed dry your tile and grout.
We can also apply an optional sealer to your grout as well. We offer two different grout sealing services.
1. Clear seal - this service applies a penetrating clear seal to your grout. This seal does not alter the color of your grout it simply applies a protective coating that does not allow liquids to soak into grout. This also allows you to easily maintain your tile and grout floors with regular sweeping and mopping with little effort.
2. Color seal - Many people are not even aware of this service, and once we show them what color sealing can do for the grout they are simply amazed. We use a urethane acrylic color seal product. The advantage to this product is it actually stains the grout any color the customer chooses. Our color sealers come with a 15 year product guarantee.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salem Town Oregon Driveway Cleaning

A Salem Town Customer took advantage of Living Social special and not only had their driveway cleaned, but all their walkways, and patio. We removed heavy moss and black mold from concrete walk areas that had never been cleaned since 1969. Afterwards we sprayed a mold inhibitor that will keep the exposed aggregate looking good for several seasons. The next project would require a nice color sealant that would really make the aggregate stand out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Marine Interior Cleaning

As we explore our new cleaning technology we have found many uses that were once thought to be off the radar. Now Fast Finish  can put the restorative clean into interiors with their patent hydro tool that provides the right amount of heat and pressure to those problem areas. And the best part is they can come to you as they are completely mobile.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Car Interior Cleaning
 With great innovative patent equipment come additional opportunity to do restorative cleaning on automotive interiors in a safe eco-friendly way. The results are outstanding.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

National Carpet cleaner reviews

The interesting thing about the the listed companies above in our area are:
  • They have older equipment on their fleet
  • They utilize mostly older procedures
  • They have mostly $10 hour employees
  • The employees are looking to move onward from the business
  • The number one company is not available in our area
  • The number two company is available but does not use the method that the carpet manufactures recommend, leaving behind a chemical on your carpets due to not utilizing a hot water extraction method. They are ranked high due to having a dry carpet and an adequate visual appearance.Otherwise I would rank them last.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why are we Cleaning & Restoring?

In most states and cities across the country, news channels will do small updates on "Dirty Dining" highlighting various eateries that do not meet the minimum expectation for cleanliness for serving food. Trust me when I say that the lasting affects of making that list are very grim and almost a death knell for that business. Most don't recover from it...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moldy Block Wall

Here is a short video of the hand tool utilizing the 4 basic elements to clean.
Emulsifier, Pressure, Heat, & Vacuum...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

To Many Carpet Cleaners

When Anna & I approached our business, we did not have a lot of interest in cleaning carpets.In fact, when I started researching what could be done with our equipment, I did not even look at how many carpet cleaners there were in our area. The reason being is that we had a different niche in mind with hard surface restorations and refinishing of those surfaces.(CHECK IT OUT)
The other reason is that carpet is just plain nasty and can only get so clean. If you have ever had your carpets cleaned, the cleaners will most likely tell you that your carpet is the largest filter in your house or business. And you know what..., it is very true! There is no way around it. The carpet accumulates and holds onto all the worlds filth. That is why they need to be cleaned constantly. The irony is that in spite of this, 75% of America's homes and business still have carpets! Carpet Cleaners around the world Thank You for having carpets...
So, the best carpet in our opinion is no carpet. But if you have it as most of us do, get it cleaned often. Yes, there are lots of carpet cleaners where we reside in Oregon, and I am sure a few of them will do as good a job as the wand & chemicals will allow. And since the world has so much carpet, we purchased in 2012 the best equipment available, to make sure that if we are going to clean carpet, it has the potential to be cleaner and more noticeable than any of our competitors out there. We do not want to be a "Me Too" company or a "we clean carpets too" company. We are striving for a Finish that we can be proud of....A Fast Finish

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Clean is more than just an opinion. It is a fact and a choice. When you want real clean you need complete extraction of the dirt and oils that are embedded deep in carpet fibers.

We incorporated the Roto-Vac 360i to our line up of cleaning and extraction machines. This unit convinced us that in order to get the type of clean we expected, we would need something technologically advanced in order to do that. Why would you use the old technology when something better and more efficient exists. We invest in you our customer in the best available. We believe that the Roto-Vac fits that criteria.

Driveway Cleaning $99 special

This was a test on the equipment using Heat and Pressure with no Emulsifiers (Chemicals) Cleaning concrete is a process if you want it done correctly.This is considered a topical clean without blasting the top surface off of it causing micro pitting of the surface.(Which is bad if you don't seal it afterwards) Most of the dirt and oils consist of tire and black mold that has settled in over the years. Concrete is very porous and mold can easily grow in all the cracks and crevices.

This  is what it looked like afterwards. This is considered the first step. You will still be able to see where the stain was in the later pics and how it penetrated deep into the pores.The majority  of the topical oils came up with heat and pressure. Now we will utilize natural enzymes
(bugs)to break it down even further.

Even at this stage we could seal it and make it look good. However, we have bigger plans for this concrete as it will be the sample for various acid stains, topcoats and sealers that we will offer our clients.
Stay Tuned...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Pre-Treatment - First we apply a deep cleaning solution that loosens up the dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria.

Pressure - Contained high pressure water to penetrate the toughest areas. (Up to 1200 PSI)

Heat - We use 200+ degrees of heat.

Vacuum - Our process removes the soil and dirty water off of your floors. 


- Our process removes the dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria

- Restores your floors to a like-new appearance
- We use EPA and environmentally friendly solutions
- Licensed and insured
- Monthly maintenance program available
- We specialize in floor care, all work guaranteed 

Residential and Commercial 

Call us today for a free no obligation demonstration.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Commercial cleaning

How clean is clean? Can your existing cleaning service do this? Are you paying to just move the dirt and bacteria around and make it shiny? Chances are you are throwing money away for shiny dirty floors. Experience a new type of clean that can only come from Fast Finish! Call and schedule a demo for your place of business today, you won't regret it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Web Site goes Live

We just went live today on the world wide web. Learn about all the things we can do with our highly specialized equipment.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clean this couch challenge!!

We are going to clean this mess with the Fast Finish method...
The couch was slathered in BarBQue sauce then baked at 111 degrees for a day in Arizona temps before attempting the cleaning process. Oh yeah, They also added some ketchup and syrup just to make it interesting.
Fast Finish time 25 minutes!!

Eliminate smoke and the worst odors

Specialized equipment from Fast Finish can eliminate the most stubborn of odors. Great for large car lots and hotels that can contract to restore the worst smells back to new. Eliminate that smoked in smell with a 100% percent guarantee or you don't pay for the service!

Carpet cleaning

Biggest complaint in carpet cleaning is... Wet carpet afterwards, sometimes longer than a day. With the Fast Finish system we expect 15-20 minutes!
So how clean is clean? See for yourself during our demo... Better yet, schedule a demo for yourself!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Color seal grout after cleaning!!

After cleaning up the old grout in the kitchen or bathroom, add a professional color seal that will last for years while keeping out the mold and bacteria that is prone to those areas...

You want clean??

Most people don't know that when they pay to have a floor cleaned (any floor) they are paying to have the dirt and grime moved around, diluted and ground into other less noticeable areas of the flooring. Complete extraction is the only true way to get the results you truly want.
Notice the difference with extracting this tile surface and grout.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Company Apparel

Here we have samples of what will be our company shirts. These are the nice non wrinkle collar type polo shirts. Perfect for work and golf.... Mostly work I am sure.
Men's and women's!

Equipment Approval- Stage One

The Equipment trailer gets the final approval today. We will also consider van mounted units for the service reps in the future. Expansion will depend on the number of commercial and residential accounts we are able to get. We welcome our clients input and suggestions. This business will evolve around their need of the services provided.