Friday, October 19, 2012

Salem Oregon Tile and Grout Cleaning

Fast Finish
Many folks forget about having their tile and grout professionally cleaned, and others don't even realize that a professional tile and grout cleaning service is available in Salem, Oregon

While sweeping and mopping are great ways to maintain your tile floors, there is nothing that compares to the Hydro-Cleaning services that Fast Finish provides with removing the embedded soils and grime through extraction.
We begin by inspecting the tile & grout. This is important as we need to make sure the customer doesn't have any cracking tiles or grout that need repair.

Next we apply a high PH alkaline spray. This proprietary heavy duty spray dissolves all the grease and grime that is deeply embedded into the grout lines of your floor. While they are still safe for you family and pets the products we use are not available at your local hardware store and are only available to professional tile and grout cleaners.
After applying the spray we us a specialize grout scrubbing tool to scrub each line to ensure that we remove all the dirt, grease and grime from you grout lines.

Once we are sure we have properly cleaned your grout lines we use our professional grade extraction tool to apply a high pressure, heat, rinse and extraction process. This step ensure that we get all the dirt and grease we just cleaned sucked out to our truck mount tanks and also that we remove all the cleaning agent residue so your tile and grout will have its original luster.
We always take the time to wipe down your baseboards and any tight corners that need detail cleaning. Just another step we do to take your tile and grout cleaning experience to the next level.
We then set up fans to speed dry your tile and grout.
We can also apply an optional sealer to your grout as well. We offer two different grout sealing services.
1. Clear seal - this service applies a penetrating clear seal to your grout. This seal does not alter the color of your grout it simply applies a protective coating that does not allow liquids to soak into grout. This also allows you to easily maintain your tile and grout floors with regular sweeping and mopping with little effort.
2. Color seal - Many people are not even aware of this service, and once we show them what color sealing can do for the grout they are simply amazed. We use a urethane acrylic color seal product. The advantage to this product is it actually stains the grout any color the customer chooses. Our color sealers come with a 15 year product guarantee.  

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