Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pressure washing, Bad sealer

Bad sealer on concrete or aggregate driveways, patios/ walkways will generally come off when pressure washed. The age of the sealer and frequency of cleaning, along with the exposure to the elements plays a role in what will strip off the surface. The problem most people encounter is the sealer that remains. The home owner will discover that they are unable to remove large portions of the remaining sealer. Most basic pressure washing companies will also encounter the same issue, and they really do not know what needs done at this point. There are basically two methods of removal for old concrete sealers. They both have their place. The first method utilizes chemical strippers that re- emulsify the old sealer so it can be extracted. Extreme caution and care must be used with these chemicals an appropriate removal equipment is essential. A lot of inexperienced companies will pressure wash the emulsifier off , only to splatter it on surrounding structures etc.. Creating a bigger mess. If they don't have a vacuum system that extracts while it cleans they create a much larger problem.  The emulsifier will also strip paint from surrounding structures or leave the old sealer stuck to the surface when it drys.
The second method is media blasting the surface. This method is typically safer but does require a fair amount of clean up as well with a vacuum to remove the un recycled media that is left behind.
Fast Finish utilizes both methods of removal to insure the best bond for new sealers being applied. For regular cleaning of driveways, patios and sidewalks it is best to use a company that understands what is needed to finish the job correctly.  Application of new sealer over the old will create an unsightly look.
For more information regarding the removal and application of sealers or sealants on cement ,concrete or exposed aggregate call Fast Finish at 503-749-5001