Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pressure Washing Mistakes

There are several ways of cleaning concrete , but there are some that cause more damage than can be seen with the naked eye. The main ingredients to good clean concrete are Time/Heat/Agitation.
This is accomplished by application of the right emulsifiers to the surface to help breakdown the stains to be removed. The most common concrete cleaner has a high alkaline content that breaks down the most common soils, oils and greases that are often found on the surface. The other most common stain is molds and mildew that embeds into the pores of the cement. (SEE PIC BELOW)
Most pressure washing companies DO NOT utilize all the proper techniques to get the best clean possible for the surface. What they often do is apply more pressure from the washer due to not having heat or knowledge of the proper chemicals to apply to the surface. Unsuspecting home owners hire the basic pressure washing company to clean and have their cement blasted away at for hours to get the surface clean. What they don't know is that the top layer of concrete is blasted away with the cold water. The top layer or cream of the cement is the layer that provides protection and the finished cement that keep it together. After that is gone it starts to wear quickly with further weather and washing. Fast Finish utilizes less pressure and more heat to clean more efficiently. Combine emulsifiers and extensive knowledge of chemistry / PH levels and a concern for the environment makes for the best scenario for concerned home owners.