Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why A Cleaning Blog

You are wanting to get that phone ringing constantly. That is good! It is why you are going to read this blog about how to do that organically...without paying a lot of money to SEO companies and web masters that promise you 25 different things by using them.
A blog embedded into your web site will provide daily fresh content with little effort. As long as you blog about your business and provide new content weekly. If you use blogger (which is a google product) it is even more likely that google picks up on it. Wordpress is also another blogging tool that can provide fresh content for your business, however everything within it isn't free like blogger. I happen to use both. The more the merrier right?
So for anyone new to blogging- get started if you have a business. The object is to get people looking and spending time on your site. This in turn pushes it up the ladder in search results. This is not the only free thing you can do for your business, but it is a very important piece of the puzzle!
Happy blogging! Start today by getting a Google plus account and adding a free blog about your business.