Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cleaning concrete oil stains

Oil stains on concrete can be a real problem. Whether it is on a roadway, driveway, restaurant drive-thru, bank drive thru, mall parking lot, parking garage, large or small it can be an ugly mess. Typical cleaners and degreasers will have some affect, however, they do not go deep enough into the pores of the concrete to remove the black oil stains so only the surface of the oil is removed and a lasting stain remains - the results are usually less than satisfactory.
We utilize a " bug" that eats away at the oil stain for up to four days.it will do what even the harshest of chemicals can't. The differences can be dramatic visually.

The next time you have an oil spill or want to try and get rid of old stains from oils, remember to call a Fast Finish expert