Thursday, September 10, 2015

LinkedIn Cleaning

By now most people who spend any amount of time online in the business world have heard of LinkedIn. I call it the face book for business. It has more business related contacts within it than personal ones like Facebook.  As a business looking to get noticed linked in provides yet another layer that connects your name ( business name) with the cyber world. The attractive no cost free cyberspace also makes it easy to get it out there. We have yet to spend a dime with their next level marketing packages they offer with the rest of the marketing companies looking for dimes, but what you can put out for free has shown more than enough for google to find. 
With a new business, everything that you can get out there that is linked to popular sites creates more relativity. Granted, putting yourself out there will also produce more sales calls looking for your money, but the trade off of filtering through the calls is well worth the effort.
We will discuss how we have managed to filter out the unwanted solicitation later..
Stay tuned !