Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 means better cleaning for tile, carpet and hard surfaces.

Let me start out the year with a very bold prediction."The cleaning business is going to drastically change." There, I have said it! It has been on my mind for some time now, and with good reason. Consumers are smart and getting smarter. They can google anything and attempt the (DIY) " Do It Yourself" on many projects around the home and business in some cases.  We applaud and welcome this as professional cleaners and surface restoration specialist. Fully informed people make better decisions, and one of the reasons they choose us to do the work. We will always do the jobs that people don't have time for or don't want to do. They also know that knowing what to clean with and what to use is only half the battle. Some jobs are difficult even with the right tools. ( I can attest to that personally)   I can't tell you how many time we had to be detectives for some surfaces in order to get them back to acceptable. I can also tell you that we fix more DIY jobs gone wrong than any other type, so I feel that we are in a safe position business wise.

As time goes on we should see the face of cleaning companies change. 2014 should see a lot of change in this industry. Companies will be forced to comply with stricter EPA regulations and it will if it hasn't already become a cleaning company's big brother to doing business. And if you didn't know, local and federal government is putting tons of money into resources for this so they can properly enforce already existing laws that are in place. You can't just pressure wash a driveway and watch the waste water trickle into the streets. Many cleaners have already found out the hard way with 5-10k fines and storm drain clean up citations.
So what does this mean to the business owners? It means upgrading to hi volume waste vacuum systems and filtration. This is something Fast Finish has already taken steps to address. The upfront cost was significantly more but worth the investment by avoiding the scrutiny that comes with improper cleaning involving waste water.

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