Sunday, September 6, 2015

TMT business owners

We are certified TMT business owners. That means we have taken the step/s to try and be independent from working for someone else and running our own thing. 
After all the dust has settled and we finally look at everything we have in front of us to do, one of the most overlooked and actually the most important from my perspective is the marketing portion of the business, specifically the online piece of the puzzle.
I have been marketing for over 25 years and have watched it evolve. It is ironic that I got into the cleaning business with so much marketing background. It really does not matter what business you are in or how great you are at cleaning floors, if you can't market well, you will be back in the job force looking for work real soon.
Sadly, most owners fall towards the latter and end up selling out. I think that this can be changed through proper marketing... If you want to learn more, make sure and subscribe to my blog. I will be helping new business owners get their phone ringing. And I will be posting my tips and tricks along with updates on the cleaning business in general. Make sure and read some past posts regarding marketing when you can as well.